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Setting up FileMaker Server SSL Certificates

Have you ever had problems with SSL certificates and FileMaker Server, or are thinking about installing your first one? Help is at hand!

Click here for a great PDF from two of the most respected developers in the FM Community, Steven Blackwell and Wim Decorte. Highly recommended, no, essential reading and a great explanation of FileMaker and SSLs.

Still want your hand held?
Discover FileMaker has another excellent article to help you:

What about installing a certificate from a provider not on FileMaker's approved list? This can be cheap, but is at your own risk. Or maybe you want to use neither Claus's tool, nor the FileMaker API. This FileMaker Community article will take you through the process:

FileMaker Server 17/18 Admin

You have FileMaker Server 17, or you're about to install it, but where have all those missing commands gone from the console? They've moved into the API, but don't worry, Claus Lavendt of Data Manix has provided us all, free of charge and unlocked, a brilliant tool built in FileMaker.

If you want to use this out of the box, adapt it, or learn how to use the FileMaker API, this is an amazing resource. Thank you Claus!

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