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Case studies

  • The sole trader

    The customer

    One man sourcing and selling carpets, antique textiles and works of art. Also offers consultancy services.

    The requirement

    Track inventory, create invoices and track sales of goods and services, maintain a list of contacts, create and store communications to customers.

    The solution

    A FileMaker custom app that handles all these areas.

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  • The mobile solution

    The customer

    A coach operator managing drivers and coaches in the UK and other European countries.

    The requirement

    Track journeys and hours for drivers and coaches, to be entered on a variety of mobile phones, mainly Android devices, generate monthly figures forming the pay basis for the drivers.

    System to be highly secure.

    Monthly management reports to be generated automatically.

    The solution

    A FileMaker custom app accessible from any device with an internet connection as well as from PCs within the office. Different layouts catered for varying screen sizes.

    A robust login process was developed, allowing managers access to most areas, with drivers limited to others. Reports are emailed automatically to a specified manager.

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  • The medium sized enterprise

    The customer

    A specialist schools activity and travel group.

    The requirement

    Management and analysis of many aspects of the group's core business, creation and distribution of booking information to customers, allowance for customer to enter their own details, graphical representation of bookings.

    The solution

    Several bespoke FileMaker apps sharing a number of resources, with some aspects exposed to customers via a web browser.

    Various levels of security depending on the user.

    Ongoing development to meet new and amended requirements.

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  • The charity

    The customer

    A co-operative association of psychotherapists and counsellors, yoga teachers and complementary therapists providing accessible therapy.

    The requirement

    Create a diary system for the management of patients, therapists and room allocations in two clinics, create appointment emails, sms, invoices.

    Replace an old system in which regular weekly and fortnightly bookings had to be rolled over each year.

    The solution

    A FileMaker custom app that handles all these areas, integrating with an external sms service. Ongoing development to extend to iOS devices for onsite clinician notes and web-based bookings.

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